Friday, 16 April 2010

Triples 2010 etc

Yes, I am going to Triples tomorrow with another member from the Grimsby Wargames Society. As usual my camera will be getting worn out taking photos of most of the games especially any games I like the look of. They will be appearing on here soon. In addition it is intended to write a small article for the main Grimsby Wargames Society Website about it, which is also my blog.

Other than the posts about Magic Tournaments I am sure you will have noticed the lack of posts about games at the club. Sadly this one has been slightly neglected while the first posts have been put on the new Grimsby Wargames Society website. You can find the most recent posts regarding games at the club on the new site at the following website addresses:

I am also considering changing the layout of the new Grimsby Wargames Society website again, mainly so the search engines can see more of the content plus other people looking at it can read more of the recent posts instead of just the latest one. The theme will have to be changed. I will keep the red/green style of the present version though. Won’t be doing it just yet as not found a theme I like to do it yet – but it will happen soon. Just warning ya.

Hope to see you at Triples in its new location this year. If you would like to read my previous article on Triples 2007 that I recently republished, look here:


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