Sunday, 18 April 2010

A Short Note about Triples 2010

Yesterday myself and another member of the Grimsby Wargames Society went to see the Triples Wargames Show in its new location in Sheffield. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It helped that it was blazing sunshine outside also. Was impressed with its new venue which was also easy to find and also much easier to find somewhere to park. 

Unfortunately my digital camera died an hour before we left so resorted to taking some photos of games on my mobile. Pics which didnt turn out too badly. They will be posted here soon. To be honest although many games were quite nice only a few of them really caught my eye and ones which I thought the group involved had done a great job. To be fair to other groups though there were many games done in lower than 15mm, which were not to my personal taste, but done nicely all the same. 

Really hope that the Sheffield Wargames Society continues to host Triples at this venue from this point onwards but would also hope that the standard of games on display improves.

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