Monday, 19 April 2010

Rise of the Eldrazi Release Day

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick note to remind everyone interested in playing in the Rise of the Eldrazi Release in Grimsby on Sunday 25th April I urge you to pre register to ensure you have a spot as I have boosters for 18 players Smile emoticon
Daily Subs : £1.00
Sealed Deck Entry    £21.00
Doors Open   : 11.00 am
Event Start    :  11.30 am
Grimsby Wargames Club,
106 Sixhills St,
Remember, a Release is an introductory level event and is suited for both new and old players to learn the mysteries of the game and the new cards.
After the main event we will be running a Standard Side Event for you to give a run out for your updated Jund, erm sorry I mean Standard Decks. 
Standard Event £4.00
p.s. Bird is the Word !

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