Thursday, 8 July 2010

M11 Pre Release

Could anyone who wishes to attend on Sunday 11th July please ensure they Re Reg to ensure they get a place.
The current list is as follows :-

Adams, Phil

Baldwin, Tony

Bax, Laura

Brown, Emma- Jayne

Clipson, Richard

Davies, Chris

Duignan, Tom

Engledow, Sam

Hodson, Phil

Mears, Andy

Pinder, Mark

Pymm, Chris

Ritchie, James

Ritchie, Stephen

Schofield, Mike

Smith, Ken

Strawbridge, Aaron

Wentworth-Sheilds, Michael

Meanwell, Dave

Braiser, Duncan

Cupples, Lester


I have product for thirty players and If we hit approx twenty players I'll be too busy running the event to play freeing up another slot.







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