Thursday, 22 July 2010

Grimsby Magic

Okay Guys,
Time to hit the panic button, last night we only had five show up and it is now becoming apparent my thoughts that we could struggle to run events if we did not recruit new blood.
I think we can now discount the Lincoiln players as they have their own FNM on Friday nights to attend which is an excellent achievement for the city.
Core status is not guaranteed and is on a rolling twelve month basis, we may have satisfied the minimum 12 player event at the pre release but their are other conditions of new recruits and total number of players playing in town to also maintain.
Any suggestions at this point are welcome, don't forget it is your club as well and of people do not show up then you will lose your events, promos and yes, even the Pre Release will go if we cannot keep numbers to a reasonable level.
So for all those on the mailing list who havent been for a while, or been interested in playing but never got round to it now could well be the time to show your smiling face ass between us we have enough spare cards to get you started.


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