Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hello there! Remember me? And one of the best Cliffhangers ever....

Hi all,

How are you doing? I know its been a while since I posted anything on here. Sorry about that. Hope to be getting back to normal shortly. Will give you more information soon but its safe to say that my absence from the Grimsby Wargames Society will last a little longer than it has been unfortunately and till I get my PC sorted out properly, virus free and in no danger of shutting down when it wants to - very frequently - restored all my programs and brought my blogs up to date anyway. Cant afford to buy a new PC or motherboard.

However in the interim I have managed to join an Athletics Club, which runs on Friday nights and now run 3 times a week and been in 2 Fun Runs in the past few months. Had to say something positive.

It is well known fact that I am a Doctor Who fan so below is what I think has to be the best - or one of the best Doctor Who Cliffhangers ever - at the end of "The End of Time Part 1" with the Master effectively cloning himself.....

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