Monday, 16 August 2010

Communique from the front regarding Seven Years War game at the club on 21st August 2010

Over the past week I observed that a communique had been put on all the walls of the Grimsby Wargames Society and its new official website. It details a magnificent battle set in the Seven Years War period to be held at the Grimsby Wargames Society this saturday 21st August 2010.

Everyone is welcome to come. Don’t miss it!

This communique is from our club member and commander in respect of this game, Tony Walmsley (Frederick Rex). It reads as follows:

The game has been set for Saturday 21st August 2010 and I would be very grateful if you make a firm commitment in your plans in order to ensure your attendance.

Each player will command a brigade on the day and a week before the event each player will receive a reconnaissance pack,containing the identity of the General you will represent, the troops you will command,known information about the enemy and most importantly a scaled map of the battlefield which will be accurately reproduced on the gaming table.

On the day,the programme of events will be as follows

08.45-09.00 - players arrive

09.00-09.30-respective council's of war

09.30-10.00-Austrian/Reich army will be set up

10.00            -battle is opened by the Prussians commencing their attack.


13.00-17.00-battle continues

17.00            -battle ends.

Everything the players need for the game will be provided,therefore all you will need is your lunch,expertise,enthusiasm and most importantly your sense of humour. Again please make sure that you keep the 21st August clear so that you can enjoy what will be hopefully be a memorable multi player game.

I remain your friend or enemy as the case may be.

Frederick Rex.”

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