Saturday, 14 August 2010

New Grimsby Wargames Society Website

In my absence over the past few months the Grimsby Wargames Society has created a new website for itself. It can be found at:

The link on this blog (to the right) has been updated. There is also a new forum to accompany it at: However to view it you will first have to register and login.

In support of the new website on 5th August 2010 I pointed my domain to the new site. Over the past few years it has become well known on the net all over the world by me with this domain and many sites will still have the Grimsby Wargames Society listed on their sites with this domain.

Recently I have observed comments on other blogs regarding the Grimsby Wargames Society website till the new one had been created and this is my response and explanation:

A few months ago my PC caught a rather nasty virus off Facebook and so ended up formatting. It was around this time that my PC began shutting down by itself and even when rebooted didnt stay on for long. It had be turned on and off at the mains to use it again before it then shut off by itself. When formatting did not solve it, the next suspect was my hard drive, which was then checked for errors etc and found none.

Not long ago it occurred to me that there was a problem with my PC fans due to overheating which was finally confirmed when I installed a program called Speedfan to monitor the fans temperatures. As a result last weekend I took the only option available to me at the time: Moving Memory, Hard Drive and DVD drive to my other PC, which acted as the server for the Grimsby Wargames Society website for over a year. Unfortunately it meant the Hard Drive had to be formatted and Windows reinstalled yet again.

Luckily my Hard Drive has always been partitioned so all photos taken in the past year including wargames photos are backed up in the other drive.

Financially my situation has got worse as these days as I am left with £30 out my dole each fortnight for food for myself and my cat and anything else so have struggled to have even a few quid spare to come down to the club and play games regularly which is why I havent been down each week. In addition I was concerned that if I dropped in, based on the past behaviour of some members, club members would moan that I had not updated my own web site – The Grimsby Wargames Society website – so did not drop in. The Grimsby Wargames Society website itself plus its content, with the exception of contributors who own their own work, has always been owned by me and therefore as far as i’m concerned, nobody has or ever has had any right to complain about the site being updated or not nor do they have any right to tell me what to do with it. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

The new PC has only the CPU fan to keep it cool so I have bought myself around a year at least I think before this one will need sorting out. It might be possible to start coming back to the club every monday night to play games again plus joining in on playing Magic, as long as it involves just paying subs, but until I have reviewed my finances again cannot say for certain.


You’ll be seeing me again soon peeps. Good Luck to the Grimsby Wargames Society with its new site! This blog will also be coming back to life too…..

I would like to thank all those who have been good enough to make an effort to contribute to my website – the Grimsby Wargames Society website – over the past 8 years I have been doing it. Your efforts have been appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

All the best, I know how tough it can be when the dole is the only money coming in. Keep playing and keep positive is the only advice I can give. I have gone from 12.40 (GBP) a Week, to a whole lot more, more or less by accident and smarts. So keep playing and stay open to opportunity.