Sunday, 26 September 2010

Cavalry Encounter 20th September 2010


Mike Barnatt and Tony Waumsley had a 7 years War game using Tony’s 15mm figures. Tony was French whilst Mike was the Prussians.

They were in fact playing a Scenario called Cavalry Encounter from a recent issue of Battlegames.

In this the French had to enter from one side of the table (bottom right in the photo) whilst the Prussians had to enter from the other end. The French had to keep the road clear so that they could move their forces through.
Unfortunately as the French did not achieve their objective they lost the game. There was lots of rallying and plenty of melees but ultimately the Prussian forces stopped them.



At the same time John Ogden, Paul Robinson of the Grimsby Wargaming blog and Mark Alcock were having an extremely lengthy discussion on WW1 rules. I was hoping they would get their figures out and play a game but they were so engrossed in the discussion it never happened. To hand they had the rulesets To the Last Man, Through the Mud and the Blood and Schwerpunkt, which our own WW1 club rules are loosely based upon.


The Belgian, said...

Nice table! is it possible to share some information on how you've made the grassy texture and roads?

Thanks in advance!

General Grant said...

The terrain was made by Club members many years ago.

Think its basically wooden based with polystyrene making up the features which is then painted over.

Another club member could probably give you more information. I am currently trying to follow the building of our new terrain.

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll btw. I have added your blog to my blogroll now.

Grimsby Mariner said...

Jeez you could have one where at least I wasn't yawning or at least looking utterly cheesed off.

General Grant said...

Sorry Paul. Just took 2 shots of the terrain and all of you discussing WW1 rules. Its just how it turned out at the time.

Next time you see me taking a pic you could always smile at the camera. Dont like people posing for photos though as its unnatural :)