Monday, 27 September 2010

Rapid Fire! game 20th September 2010


Andy Hamilton and Mal Taylor played a Rapid Fire! game. All the figures and vehicles in this game were owned by Mal Taylor who also set the scenario.

The scenario was that the Germans had to keep the road open so that their troops could withdraw down that route. In this game Andy was the Germans. To begin with Andy had a few companies of Germans.

SL375703Mal then sent in his paratroopers using those famous gliders of his. Mal’s gliders have been in the Rapid Fire! books as well as having been to many a wargames show such as the shows at Bovington Tank Museum.

As you can see 4 of Mal’s Gliders were in use in this game. Things were not going well for Andy, however, he was allowed reinforcements……


In the form of Panzer Grenadiers which appeared at the top of the road (nearest the wall) before dismounting them to attack the bridge.

Andy was determined to retake the Bridge….




Andy also had some Recce units come on shortly after the Panzer Grenadiers.

Sadly, as time was getting on, I did not see the final result of the game though it was highly unlikely that Andy won. He certainly put up quite a fight in order to try to achieve his objective.


The Gliders were not the only aircraft in this game. There was the Dakota Bomber (see left) and a Typhoon also in use.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a few more photos of this game.






The Belgian, said...

Great game on a awesome table! Thanks for adding my to your blogroll.

Does the guy which made the terrain also have a blog?

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Some very nice terrain there guys and sounds like it was a god game.
Cheers Paul

General Grant said...

Thanks for your comments chaps.

Unfortunately the club members who created the terrain do not have a blog.

simran said...

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