Thursday, 30 September 2010

GWS on Grimsby Telegraph Website

andyandmalontelegraphsiteLast Tuesday morning, the 21st September 2010, I emailed some photos I took at the Grimsby Wargames Society to my local paper The Grimsby Telegraph. To date none of them have yet been published in the paper but however have been put on display with other reader’s photos on the Grimsby Telegraph website (see left). It was mainly to see if this approach would work whilst at the same time hoping to raise the club’s profile. After all, someone might see a photo of some games at the club and try to track us down on google.


These 2 photos from a recent Rapid Fire! game will probably be on the website for many weeks as they will move along slowly on the slideshow the more other photos are added to it.

I therefore encourage other Grimsby Wargames Society members to send their wargames photos, with a caption, to the Grimsby Telegraph. For the details on how to do this read the Grimsby Telegraph: Your Pictures page. Those members who do wish to send some photos: Do not resize them! Send them at the original size they were downloaded from your camera.

It is my intention to keep on sending some pics of games at the club every few weeks to the Grimsby Telegraph and we’ll see what happens.

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Donogh said...

Nice coup (and a great-looking game of course!)