Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Club Wargames 13th September 2010

On this occasion that I paid a flying visit to the Club I had, most unusually, forgotten to charge up my digital camera so took photos with my Nokia 6303 instead. There were 2 games plus a historical boardgame being played:


Steve Walker, Malc Johnston, Martin Buck and Dave Tuck were all playing at WW1 Dogfights using a ruleset based on the Knights of the Sky rules. All the planes used were Dave Tuck’s.





One of the German planes: The Gotha Bomber….






Mark Alcock overseeing the historical Boardgame “2 de Mayo” being played by Ashley Mann and Jason Whitfield. “2 de Mayo” is based on the terrible incidents of May 2nd 1808 in Madrid when civilians in Madrid, along with some Spanish army units, rebelled against the occupation force of Napoleon’s troops. More information on the game can be found here:



Mike Barnatt (left) playing with Tony Waumsley in a Scottish Civil War game. Tony’s forces are the Covenanters whilst Mike’s forces were those commanded under the 1st Marquess of Montrose with some Irish forces to help.

Historically this battle would have taken place between 1644-45 when Montrose’s forces won a series of battles over the Covenanters.

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