Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Other Partizan 2010: Leignitz – April 9th 1241, The Mongols vs The Poles


To my knowledge it is not the first occasion that Curteys Miniatures have put on a display at a Wargames show using their Mongols. Nevertheless their figures were nice to see again.

The scenario was Leignitz – April 9th 1241 which was written by John Bianchi. Figures supplied by Curteys Miniatures. Figures painted by Phil Turner, Shaun Bryant and Simon and Michael Curtis.

Flags by Fluttering Flags. Mongol Gurs by Grand Manner.

Although I liked their Mongol figures, I found the colour and detail of the Poles really caught my eye. Here are a few more photos of the game:


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Fire at Will said...

Played Liegnitz at Britcon on either sides on the two days, both were great fun and the Curteys figures and the painting were fantastic.

Just watch out for the lance points, they really are sharp.