Monday, 17 January 2011

PC Update

Last week I was able to get hold of a PC off a friend. Around the start of the weekend I formatted it and began reinstalling Windows and all my other programs. At present the vast majority of the programs that I wish to use on the PC are installed, especially the desktop blogging software.

wlw For over a year now the desktop blogging software I have been using to create my posts has been Windows Live Writer (see left), which is free to download. It works with both Wordpress and Blogger amongst many other blog providers. Windows Live Writer can also work well with blog pages (except Blogger). Posts can also be scheduled for future publishing. To date I have used this software for Wordpress and Blogger only.


Windows Live Writer is one piece of software I would rather not do without. Makes life so much easier.

Picasa is used to correct contrast, lighting and colour in all my photos so that they look their best especially the wargames ones.

The Flickr Uploader is used to upload my photos in bulk to Flickr.

Using the Flickr4Writer plugin, I can then insert my photos into my blog posts though this is mainly done with Blogger.

So I am back up and running again with a fully functional PC though the threat of having my internet suspended is ever present. That too will be sorted within the next 8 weeks. It was those things, especially the PC playing up, that caused me a lot of problems at the end of last year and particularly between April and July 2010 that meant my websites were neglected. All the data including photos from last year are sadly out of reach till I am able to access the data on the other hard drive.

Good News! Whilst experiencing these problems in December 2010, I also took some photos with my main digital camera at the Grimsby Wargames Society so apart from the photos taken with my Nokia there is a month’s worth of Wargames Photos safely stored away on my camera to be posted to this blog. They will be posted within the next 2 weeks or earlier. Now they are the REAL photos……

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