Sunday, 25 March 2007

Casino Royale

Today I finally got round to watching Casino Royale on DVD. Been dying to watch it all week. I took it round to a friend's house along with the book I bought him at Triples "Fighting Techniques of a Panzer Grenadier", which was much appreciated by himself. All 2 hours 18 mins of the film was excellent. The best scene in the movie is when Bond is chasing Mollaka all the way through Madagascar, over buildings, 200ft in the air on cranes to Mollaka's demise. It was a great sequence, the best i've seen in a long while. I have been a huge bond fan ever since I was a kid and seen all the bond movies several times over with the exception of this one. Daniel Craig does make a good bond. I wasn't sure about him at first but he carried the movie well.
Not having seen his other film performances either though I do remember watching him in a BBC drama called "Our Friends in the North" and he was great in that too.

While at my friend's house I picked up the Games Workshop paints that I had lent him several years ago. Checked the paints on the spot to see how much was left and there was loads left. I plan to paint the border reivers I bought from Triples with my GW paints. As I will be at the club tomorrow night, I will ask Paul Robinson for some suggestions on painting them with GW paints. Off now, got to start backing up my data so that I can format my pc tomorrow.

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