Saturday, 24 March 2007

Triples Rundown

Woke up late this morning. Didn't hear the alarm. I actually woke up at 9.20am. Slightly shocked at what time it was, all i had time to do was feed the cat, jump in the shower, get all my bits together: Information for getting to Triples, digi camera, Mp3 player, spare batteries and make sure I had all the necessary cash. Got to the train station in time for the 10.36 train to Sheffield.
It was a really pleasant trip to Sheffield on the Transpennine express. The return ticket actually cost £15.80. Listened to my mp3 player for the entire hour and a half journey. Had no problem jumping on the tram, costing £1 to the University. Thats Sheffield University not Sheffield Hallam University. It is easy to see why the two could get confused. Once I got off the tram, followed the signs to the Octagon and arrived there at 12.25pm.

I have decided i am going to write my trip to Triples up for the Grimsby Wargames Society Website so will give a short rundown of what i did there. I will write some of it up for this blog too with photos but most of the content will go to the website.
While there:

Bought a £10 pack of Border Reivers from Vendel Miniatures;
Spoke to Colin Rumford on the Chiltern Miniatures Stall and took some photos of him too;
Bought an Osprey Warrior book - Union Infantryman 1861 - 1865 (American Civil War) whilst picking up the latest Osprey Catalogue;
Bought another book for a friend this time: The same one who runs the Panzers of the Reich website. The book was Fighting Techniques of a Panzer Grenadier 1941 - 1945. As he a huge "fan" of German WW2 tanks, panzers etc I thought this book would suit him perfectly;
Bought a copy of Miniature Wargames off Iain Dickie himself (Editor/publisher).

Also Took photos of:

Derby Wargames Society WW1 Display set in September 1914;
Falkirk District Wargames Clubs Display Game: 10mm Battle for hill 112, Normandy 1944 (Operation Jupiter) using the Rapid Fire! rules;
The Lance and Longbow Society's Samurai v Mongol Game: Figures by Curteys Miniatures.

I will post some more on this blog of my visit to Triples 2007 with an article for the website within the next few days I hope. Not all the photos I took came out well but there a few good ones from each game. I left just after 3.30pm, left Sheffield at 16.11 and was home by 17.45.
Had a few things to do when I got home including shopping. I plan to format my pc over the weekend.

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Grimsby Mariner said...

Glad you enjoyed the show. perhaps the difference between your experieince and mine is that you had no expectations and thus had nothing to disappoint you. for you it was a whole new expereince.

Looking forward to reading the full write up.