Saturday, 24 March 2007

Transport Trouble

I have been busy preparing for Triples, getting my batteries on charge for my digital camera and printing out information I will need when i get to Sheffield. Yesterday morning I got a text from Joe saying he was having problems with his car and was going to take the train to Sheffield. It was good of Joe to let me know, let alone to say he would take me in the first place. Before i got ready for work i went on the Transpennine Express Trains website and booked a ticket for Saturday 24th March. At least I thought I did. I even put in my debit card details. It said the transaction was successful and awaited my reference number to use at Grimsby Town Railway Station but it never came.
I logged in to see my recent bookings but there was no sign of it. I even rang their order status line but, would you believe it, it closed at 10pm! Extremely unhappy by this point. Will try before I leave for Sheffield as i am going one way or another regardless. Received an email from Joe reinforcing what he said in his text message. Emailed him back to tell him I received his text message and which train I was planning to take. Hope all goes well on this trip. Won't get a full night's sleep but never mind. It's a mixture of looking forward to Triples and going to bed too late.

Contacted Paul Robinson via his blog yesterday. Paul replied extremely quickly. I was surprised to find later that he had already linked his blog to mine. Thank you Paul. Paul also suggested that I buy a £10 pack of reivers from Vendel Miniatures. Namely either the Robsons or Charltons. They are the ones with Photos on the Vendel's website. Not sure which I'll go for, may decide before I leave or when I get there.

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