Tuesday, 17 April 2007

15mm American Civil War

First, the reivers from Vendel did not arrive this morning. I'll give them to the end of the week to appear.
Before giving a report and a photo from the 15mm ACW game last night, here is a photo from the 15mm Napoleonic Swedish v Prussian game on our 18 foot table last night. Mark Alcock was playing with the Swedes while John Ogden was Prussian. The Photo (left) is some of John Ogden's Prussians in cover in a wood.

In our 15mm American Civil War game there was myself and Dave Tuck on the Union side using our own figures. Mine were originally bought from Dave Tuck several years ago which is apparently when any 15mm ACW was last played. Dave Tuck was using his own figures. Ron Skeet and Steve Mercer were Confederate using Steve's figures. Dave was dealing with Steve at his end of the table while I was dealing with Ron. We used the Whipping Bobby Lee playsheet. No scenario just battle. My dice throwing was absolutely atrocious on this occasion with many of my soldiers routing, running off. I did manage to inflict some casualties on Ron but kept getting forced back and losing casualties of my own. My dice throwing saw to that while Ron's dice throwing was good and kept pushing forward. I was pretty much nearly overrun at my end. At Dave's End things were going much better. He had inflicted casualties on Steve's Confederates and received some himself. Dave was at least holding his position with very little, if any, retreating. Neither side stopped fighting or shooting at each other. If the game had carried on Dave and I would have had to slowly retreat anyway as this was one battle we were not winning. A good fun game. First time I had played with my 15mm ACW Army and the Whipping Bobby Lee playsheet.
I am wondering if our battle could be compared to the first Battle of Winchester in 1862 where 3,000 Union men lost their lives. Below is a photo from our 15mm ACW game. The Confederate forces in this photo were under Ron's command at my end of the table. At this stage these figures had not yet advanced fully towards me. Ron had several regiments in a line from this point directly opposite me. Though I did have some artillery, though not near these figures, most shots were unsuccessful.

In future, I look forward to gaming ACW at least several times a year from now on. All to be arranged of course.


Grimsby Mariner said...

I knew I could rely on you to fill in the gaps.

They're Russians by the way not Prussian. John has a very large collection of Russians that have belonged to several club members over the years (and spent a while as a "club" army).

Glad you enjoyed you're ACW game - it's a period I've always found difficult to get interested in for a lot of reasons.

Anonymous said...

grantsgrimsbygames.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.