Sunday, 6 May 2007

My Games Workshop Paints

Not done any painting today. Had planned to but didn't feel like it, hit the sack for an hour and a half to recharge my batteries a little, watched some telly, some of it being the french elections before putting this entry on this blog.

Uploaded the 2 latest galleries to the website tonight with the photos from the past 2 mondays being in them: The Naval Battle on the 30th April and the Battle of Almanza Refight on the 23rd April. Both in picasa galleries as they will all be eventually. Before I go to bed I will update everyone by email as usual regarding the website.

The above photo is a photo of all my Games Workshop paints which I bought years ago. Despite being lent to my mate Andy who used to come to the club, who used them to paint his WW2 Germans, loads was left over. I, of course, have no intention of buying any more paint unless I run out, which is highly unlikely. The colours I have to choose from for my Reivers, though I could mix some of them are:

Sunburst Yellow
Mithril Silver
Chaos Black
Blood Red
Goblin Green
Snakebite Leather
Skull White
Enchanted Blue
Bronzed Flesh

They were bought when I first bought some LOTR figures from GW in Grimsby. The LOTR box set was Captured by Gondor (The Two Towers) which contains Frodo, Sam, Gollum, Faramir, Damrod and 4 Gondorian Rangers. I have just dug them out while typing this and it turns out all those figures are still either half-painted or unpainted by myself. Being a huge LOTR fan (still am) I watched all the LOTR Trilogy at the cinema when they came out, rented then bought the theatrical versions on DVD as well as playing the LOTR CCG here in Grimsby and at Hull, though that was a few years ago now. I will post some photos of my unpainted LOTR figures in the next few days. I will finish them off at some point even if I won't play with them.
Don't know if I will go to the club tomorrow night as it is a Bank Holiday and won't be a lot on. Have some things to do too. May stay at home and paint my horses or I just might do that Wednesday night.

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Grimsby Mariner said...

Mixing colours can make a difference and alter the effect a lot.

for example paint a horse black and then highlight with black & blue for a glossy sheen (suggest 1 part enchanted blue: 4 parts chaos black).

Then paint a horse blood red and then wash with 1:1 snakebite leather & chaos black.

two very different but natural looking horses.

I'll probably be painting at the club Monday 14th May if you're looking for any help.