Saturday, 30 June 2007

Durham Show 9th June Preview Photos Part 1

As promised, I will now preview photos that I took at the Durham Show on 9th June 2007. Probably the highlight of the day was talking to and meeting that jovial figure Andy Copestake from Old Glory with his 40mm American Civil War display.

Andy Copestake's display game was set in the fictional battle of Humpers Farm. All the buildings were scratch built by Andy. The trees were by Last Valley. Figures painted by Northumbrian painting services. These figures are so nice and there is so much detail on them.

Confederates on a small hill overlooking the farm.

Soldiers guarding the stables.

The main artillery gun.

Close up of the Confederates. The Flames of War stall is visible behind it.

More confederates with a general on horseback.

On another note, Andy Copestake is a T.W.A.T. That is, he is a member of the Tantobie Warfare and Tactical Society. Anyone wanting information should email Andy Copestake at Old Glory UK on

Next up is Steve Spence's 28mm WW2 display game. It is set in Arnhem. In this game the Allies have found the Germans after some investigation. Steve Spence is a member of the Durham Wargames Group and lives in Grimsby. He was also a member of the Grimsby Wargames Society for a short period. Here are some of the photos from his game.

Allied Soldiers in Cover.

Allied Soldiers hid behind a bush preparing to attack.

German Defences. Soldiers in hard cover.

Close up of an Allied Field Gun.

My favourite shot. German soldiers, an officer inside hard cover with jeep outside. A view of the rear german defences.

Trees by Last Valley. Figures by various manufacturers. Painted by Steve Spence.
The figures actually live in Grimsby somewhere.

More Durham photos soon. Not quite sorted out all the photos yet....

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