Monday, 16 July 2007

The About To Comeback Kid

Not having had a lot of sleep I nearly nodded off around 7pm, choosing instead to pay a flying visit to the club. Went after 9pm. Thought that if I'm not up to a game tonight I could at least show my face and have a chat. Not been for weeks. At the club there was this huge game going on the large table downstairs with muscovites involving Jason Whitfield, Andy Sharpe, Ron Skeet, Dave Tuck and Steve Mercer. Upstairs Andy Hamilton and Tony Walmsley were playing 15mm Seven Years War again whilst Steve Graham and Tony Crute were playing 20mm WW2, this time using Blitzkrieg Commander. Turned out they had made a disc of photos of their games for me which Andy Hamilton had been looking after. Andy got it for me just before I left. Asked Dave Tuck and Steve Mercer if I could join in their WW2 game next week, which they said I could. Promised to bring Mr Camera along.
Had a quick look when I got home. There were loads on that disc, some of them with Danny on them. Of course they were all using Rapid Fire! which is great. Will hopefully get some up within the next month. Not done anything with the site or even the photos for a while. Not been on TMP for a while either.

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