Monday, 23 July 2007

Return To Wargames Land

Return to Oz, sounds catchier, doesn't it? Or even Return of the Jedi? Sorry, I am a Star Wars fan and the original Star Wars (1977) turned 30 weekend just gone. May the force be with you always.

I went to the club tonight. Had arranged to join in a game but it didn't happen in the end. Ended up just watching and taking photos. The games that were on were:
20mm WW2 Eastern Front using Blitzkrieg Commander: Steve Mercer's Russians with a little help from Ron Skeet playing as Russian; Dave Tuck's Germans.
War of the Spanish Succcession with Paul Robinson, his son James, Mark Alcock and Andy Hamilton. Mark playing British with Andy Hamilton on his side with some of Andy's Austrians. Some photos are below.

Steve Mercer's IS2's, looking rather mean.

Some of Steve's Russian Infantry crossing the river to attack Dave's Germans.

Dave Tuck's German Tanks with some infantry behind. I have not resized this pic properly by accident so it will be HUGE when you click on it.

Dave's German Infantry overlooking the stream, with a nice view of the enemy the other side.

Andy Hamilton's Austrian Infantry from the War of the Spanish Succession game downstairs on the big table. Andy, of course, on Mark's side.

View of the centre of the table. Clash between Paul's and Mark's forces. Forces on the British side by Mark. All figures on Paul's side by Paul.

View of Mark's British forces. In particular, look at the horse drawn artillery at the forefront.

View of some of Paul's Forces.

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