Saturday, 14 July 2007

Walking On Sunshine

Had a lay-in. Had planned to go the Star Trek CCG 2nd Edition Tournament this afternoon but it didn't quite work out. A friend popped round just as I was about to get ready and he didn't leave till 12.50pm. Hadn't even got ready by then. By the time I had I thought it was too late so abandoned it.

It looked like a pretty nice warm day so decided to get a shower before setting out. Decided around 5pm that I would go for a bike ride possibly to Cleethorpes and back. Got on my bike went to People's Park, stopped by my friend Pete's and Helen's for about an hour, Weelsby Woods before heading for the seafront, pedalling pretty quick on my mountain bike. The sun was blazing and it was really hot. Finally deciding to cool down and catch some sun, I unbuttoned my shirt for several hours and had a really good bike ride along the seafront right up to Anthony's Bank before heading back down the front up to where Wonderland used to be. Wish I hadn't worn my jeans though. Should have put shorts on. On the way back I dropped into Andy and Sara's for about half an hour where Chris and his girlfriend Kirsty were looking after the house while Andy was in Crete. It had cooled down a bit when I came out.

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