Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Yes, It's Another Day Of Rest

Didn't do much today at all. Just watched Telly, did a bit tidying up, some shopping and watched more Telly. It is my day off. I even treat myself to £30 phone credit, which should last me months. Turned out I still had a decent amount in the bank and with payday on friday, even with another direct debit to go out, it looked possible. It also helps that some Working Tax Credit has been paid into my account. It's not a lot but every little helps. Got it in writing from Customs and Excise this morning too regarding my tax credits. They are of course collecting payments off me due to being overpaid last year. At the same time however I am also being paid some into my account every 4 weeks. Around £30 actually. That small amount should help pay towards either the gas or electric each month if nothing else.

It was good to see the release of the BBC Journalist Alan Johnston on the news today. I regularly watch BBC News 24 and have been following that story since it broke. Alan was abducted on March 12th which is the same day we had the Border Reivers game at our club. Alan looked well but pale and well spoken, effectively covering his own story. At least he doesn't have to go back there now. I signed the petition for his release on the BBC Website some weeks ago. Hope he goes home, meets his family, has a short rest or holiday before returning to the job he does so well.

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