Monday, 1 October 2007

AK47 and The Great War (though not at the same time)

Went to the club tonight for the first time in weeks. Quite busy tonight. Martin Buck, Dave Tuck, Paul Robinson, Mark Alcock, Jase Whitfield, John Ogden, Andy Sharpe, Andy Hamilton, Tony Walmsley, Steve Mercer and myself. Pretty full house. I didn't play a game though just dropped by. The games that were on were:
Close Signal Action rule game with Steve Mercer and Andy Hamilton using those really nice ships that are in our Naval Warfare Gallery - the Napoleonic ones;
AK47 Republic game with Martin Buck being the Colonials, Dave Tuck apparently being the Dictatorship. Dave was unfortunately severely outnumbered;
Great War game downstairs between Paul Robinson and Mark Alcock. Mark using his germans as usual. This time however Paul was using his own newly painted figures, the American "Doughboys" which he had recently finished painting. First time they had been used.
Photos were taken by myself as usual. Here are some below:

Paul's American "Doughboys". Not exactly one of my best shots but you can see them.

Mark's German's hiding in soft cover. These Germans were painted by Joe Dunn, our resident figure painter.

Paul's "Doughboys" about to enter the soft cover and give Mark's germans a nasty shock.

Close up of those same "Doughboys". I cropped it to focus in on them. As always, Paul's painting is very good and of a high standard. Quite colourful too. Always good to look at.

AK47. Dave Tuck's Armoured Cars. Apparently these small things pack a punch. The scale is 15mm.

AK47. Dave's infantry. Not one of my great shots either. These had just come on at this point and had a long walk ahead. Cropped to center in on the figures.

AK47. Martin's armoured cars I think.

AK47. Martin's Tanks and Infantry.

Would have taken more photos of both games but my battery power died. Martin was good enough to let me use his but just as I was about to his camera died of the same problem. Oddly enough, my spare batteries that I would normally take were still being charged up at home.

As regarding the club website I have added a new page in the past day - Wargaming/Hobby News. Not only will it be good for the site as google will pick up on it, the news on it can be read on our site now. The news headlines are actually the RSS feed of all the headlines from TMP, one of my favourite sites. All my main announcements before the yahoogroups and forums are always put on TMP. What better source of news for the site?
In the past few days added another Partizan gallery to my online photo album. Bill Gaskin's display game. As the album scroller on a previous post is not very good, I will provide a basic text link to it instead. The whole thing will not be properly announced till it is fully uploaded.
All the show photos (when fully uploaded) can be found at:
Bill Gaskin's display game can be found here:
Refight of the Battle of Mollwitz:

Hope to add more to that Partizan album in the next day or so. Watch this space.