Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Other Partizan 2008: Ligny 1815

My favourite game of the show at The Other Partizan. The Battle of Ligny, June 16th, 1815 put on display by The League of Gentleman Wargamers. The League of Gentleman Wargamers are part of the League of Augsburg. The terrain for this game was made by Adrian Howe. The figures are all from the collections of Kevin Calder, Peter Nicholson, Adrian Howe, Peter McCaroll, Barry Hilton and David Imrie who are all members of the League. Other members of the LOGW are Dale Smith, Colin Jack, Dave O'Brien, Brigadier Charles S Grant, Andrew Nicholson, Andrew Thomson, Steve Shaw and Angus Konstam. The rules used for this game were Republic to Empire by Barry Hilton.

The game was covered in detail with great photos (not by me) in a recent issue of Battlegames.

As always the figures and game by the LOGW as well as The League of Augsburg are excellent and recommend anyone going to see their games.

There is a little video footage to come. It's the closest to seeing it "live".

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