Monday, 23 February 2009

British v Italians WW2 East Africa on 9th Feb 2009

Sorry I've only just started to catch up with myself. The games that took place at the club the following week on 16th Feb 2009 will be posted before this weekend.

A nice large Blitzkrieg Commander game took place on 9th February 2009 which was also the only game being played that night. Playing in it were myself, Dave Tuck, Dave Hewins, Steve Mercer plus Dave and Rob (Newcomers to mondays anyway). It is my personal opinion that the game was jinxed by the presence of too many Dave's......

Before I begin I will say that the Italian Forces that Dave T let me use for the game reminded me of a War of the Roses game I had played at his home recently. These Forces ended up doing nothing and standing still all game as I was not able to get my dice throws to mobilise them.

Before the game began...

Dave T brought in this really nice fort which originally belonged to the club which he renovated and rebased.

Dave Hewins Figures and Vehicles who was on the British side.

Dave Hewins begins an attack on one of Dave T's trenches..

Close up of one of Dave Hewins personnel carriers.

Steve Mercer's Tanks sneakily come up behind Dave T's Italian Tanks on the hill near the fort.

All the players (except Martin Buck, in the middle) who were playing. I was behind the camera of course.

The British finally close in and wipe out all the infantry in the trenches.

My Italian forces which did nothing all game. Hate it when that happens.

Some of Dave Hewins tanks attacking the Italian Trenches near him.

The final outcome of the game. The British had broken through one side and if the game had continued, they would have done so on the other. The Italians somehow managed to hold sadly with no help from yours truly.

The state of play up Dave Hewins end of the table.

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