Monday, 4 May 2009

Wargames at Club 27th April 2009

War on the Eastern Front again. This time between Mike Barnatt as the Russians and Dave Tuck as the Germans. The goal of the Russians was to make sure the Germans were not able to connect with their forces at the very top of the table.

It is my understanding that the Russians did not succeed in their mission. Sadly as I was preoccupied playing in a board game no other photos were taken of this game. By the time this photo was taken the game had finished with only the board game 75% of the way through.

Blitzkrieg Commander rules were once again used for this battle.

As above the photos of this WW1 game were done after sneaking off the board game for 5 minutes while waiting my turn to come round.

These days I try to take better pics with my digital camera aiming to take more "artistic" photographs - still working on that - which have a decent amount of light with more depth to them. Many of the photos on this post have a depth of F7.7 or more but not all. The lighting at the club has improved considerably at the club in the past year which helps plus I don't use a flash anyway and always use my camera's built in macro lens. All the photos on this post that have an F of 7.7 or more will be pointed out.

The above photo is of Mal Taylors WW1 Germans in a battle with Andy Hamilton's British. Here they are slightly dug-in. The photo is F7.7

Andy Hamilton's British were attacking the town. These chaps are quite literally on the outskirts.

This photo is F8.7

Mal's Germans scouting the town which the Germans were occupying anyway. This photo is F8.7

More of Andy's British descend towards the town. Things were getting a little rough for the British about half way through the game but apparently evened out later on. The end result was much more of a draw.

This photo is F9.9

Finally we get to the board game I have been banging on about all post. The board game pictured is Friedrich named after Frederick the Great set in the period of the Seven Years War.

Playing were James as the Russian and Swedish, John Ogden as the Austrians and Imperial Army and myself as the French. Mark was the Prussians and Hannoverians, who had the unlucky task of having to defend himself against the rest of us. Each player was allocated a certain amount of armies which were able to battle other armies. The armies are the round counters while the cubes are their supply trains. Each player had to achieve a certain number of objectives to win the game. In my case the French required to achieve 10 objectives.

Most of the French objectives were in Hannover. The small flat squares are objectives. As you can see I somehow managed to achieve my 10 objectives and thus I won the game. My last objective was protected by 2 of Mark's armies so in order to win it and protect it I had to battle his armies and win, which is what I did. The Hannoverians only had 2 armies while the French had 3.

Friedrich eventually finished just after midnight several hours after everyone else had left. I really enjoyed the game and would be happy to play it again.

The photo above has an F of 7.7 and shows everyone's positions at the end of the game. The French are in Red.

On the subject of Photography it has been noticed by me that the higher the F value of a photo the longer exposure it may require. Part of the fun is making sure that the photo is not overexposed - not too dark and not too light. The LCD display on a digital camera can be deceiving as it appears lighter on the LCD display than when it is downloaded. All photos taken above, as always, had an ISO of 80, the lowest ISO on my camera for the best quality photo.

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