Monday, 15 June 2009

Anglo-Dutch Wars, The Great War and The Boer War...all at the same time!

Last Monday there were a nice selection of games going on. I'm saving the Anglo-Dutch Wars till last so you can all those fantastic ships properly.

First up, Boer Wars. Between Mark Alcock (left) as the British and Dave Tuck as the Boers using rules created and developed by both.

The Boer Trenches which the British were slowly making their way up to...

and didn't quite get there before the game finished. These are Mark's British (left). Unfortunately neither side got to see how a firefight at the Boer trenches would have turned out!

Paul Robinson's WW1 Germans attacking the town where Andy Hamilton's British were lurking

As you can see there are 5 Germans attacking this house where there are 2 British in the attic..

2 of Andy Hamilton's British looking out in the town in hard cover..

Anglo-Dutch Wars. All ships in this game belonged to Steve Mercer. Playing with Steve was Mike Barnatt.

Some of the Dutch fleet.

Close up of some Dutch ships.

These English ships are new. Steve had not long finished them.

More of the new English fleet.

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