Monday, 8 June 2009

Wargames 1st June 2009

Plenty of gaming last week:

Andy Hamilton and Steve Mercer were once again playing with their English and Dutch fleets.

Some more of these lovely ships.

WW2 Eastern Front using Blitzkrieg Commander rules. Martin Buck, Dave Hewins, Mike Barnatt and Ron Skeet playing. Forces provided by Ron Skeet and Mike Barnatt.

These Shirtless Germans with their guns belong to Ron Skeet.

Mark Alcock (pictured, left) playing Paul Robinson at WSS. Thats a bemused looking Tony Walmsley in the middle overseeing proceedings.

Mark's Troops.

Paul Robinson's French (on left) which would be the Court of King Louis X1V, the Sun King. Notice the blue flag with the Sun on it.


Anonymous said...

Out of interest, I used to know a Mark Alcock when I lived in Winton, Eccles. Are you the same Mark ?

General Grant said...

If you read my profile, my name is Jason.

As far as I know Mark Alcock has always lived in Grimsby.