Monday, 1 June 2009

Wargames at Club 18th May 2009

Not posted from the club for a few weeks. Here is a quick rundown of some of the games from 18th May 2009.

Anglo-Dutch wars. All ships belonging to Andy Hamilton. Playing also were Mike Barnatt and Mal Taylor.

The English Fleet.

Another nice view of the fleet.

Think these chaps are dutch.

Close up of an English ship.

Ro(on left) playing a game of Rapid Fire! with Tim. Rob playing Germans on this game.

Tim's American's about to storm a church. This Rapid Fire! game was not a scenario just simple attack and defend.

The Americans have been engaged in battle...

The Germans march in...

The Shermans go on the attack..

Right into the arms of the waiting Germans...

15mm Colonials. Dave Tuck (with the British) and Dave Hewins (with the Sudanese). The Sudanese were actually on the right in this game.

This Riverboat was handmade by Dave Tuck.

Another view of the boat.

Another one of Dave's homemade boats.

In addition to Dave Tuck, Mark Alcock was playing as the Sudanese.

On top of that Dean Heathcote, with his blog at also paid a visit.

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