Monday, 22 June 2009

Wargames at the Club 15th June 2009

Martin Buck and Steve Walker playing WW2 Desert. They played 2 games. The first using the club's rules before they were developed into the original Rapid Fire! rules. The 2nd game was using Blitzkrieg Commander rules. At this point they were using the Blitzkrieg Commander rules. All figures and vehicles belonged to Steve Walker.

Steve's German's attacking the village.

A slightly unusual shot from the spare table looking towards the other games, one being WW2 and the other WW1.

This was actually my "test shot" taken in auto mode on my camera, ISO 200. Came out better than my manual shots.

As you can see on the left the British were playing: Andy Hamilton, John Ogden and Mark Alcock against the Germans who were Paul Robinson and his son James.

The British onslaught in progress..

In this Battle Of Agordat in Eritrea, East Africa, between Commonwealth and British and Italian and Colonial Troops! game were Ron Skeet, Dave Hewins and Mike Barnatt as the British. Dave Hewins providing the forces. On the other side were Dave Tuck and Tim with Dave T providing the forces.

Dave Tuck's side of the battlefield.

The remainder of Mike Barnatt's forces. Mike did have some forces on the hill above previously but rather annoyingly they came to a sticky end.

Close up of the Orca Bomber belonging to Dave Hewins.

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Anonymous said...

it wasnt Eastern Front but the battle Of Agordat in Eritrea East Africa between Commonwealth and British and Italian and Colonial Troops!

Im probably being typecast as an Eastern front player only!

Dave T